National Policy on Filming in Vanuatu


1. All film making (including video) in Vanuatu falls under the jurisdiction of the National Film and Sound Unit of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, which must be notified of any film making activity in the country.

2. Any film making that is undertaken by foreign film makers and that involves a cultural subject (that is, any ethnographic footage or footage particularly featuring scenes from people's daily lives) requires the consent of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council, and must satisfy the following conditions:

a) A formal application to film in Vanuatu must be made to the Vanuatu Cultural Centre at least 4 weeks in advance of filming. A tentative or confirmed itinerary must be presented with this application.

b) An authorization fee of 300 000 vatu (documentary) must be provided to the Vanuatu Cultural Centre before filming can commence.  There is a refundable fee of Vt50. 000 upon receiving footage and final program.

c) Copies of all footage taken, including unedited portions (RUSH) and edited final products in broadcast-quality Flash or external drives, must be deposited with the National Film Unit of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre.

d) A representative of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre is required to accompany the film maker while shooting footage. This is primarily to ensure cultural sensitivity on the film maker's part, however the Cultural Centre representative can also assist the film maker and help generally to facilitate filming.

The Vanuatu Cultural Centre may make changes to any of the above conditions. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in confiscation of filming equipment and footage.

Any queries or applications by foreign film makers to film in Vanuatu can be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.