National Policy on Filming in Vanuatu


All foreign media production including video, stills photography, audio recordings and research in Vanuatu falls under the jurisdiction of the National Film and Sound Unit of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, which must be notified of any intended media production activity in the country.

Any media production that is undertaken and that involves a cultural subject (including any ethnographic footage or footage particularly featuring scenes from people's daily lives) requires the consent of the Vanuatu National Cultural Council, and must satisfy a number of set conditions:


1. Click here for Permit Application

2. The first step  to submit a Permit Application is to create a free Secure Login account on this website. This is done by clicking the ' Create Account ' heading in the top Main Menu. 

This allows us to authenticate your email for delivery of forms and documents. This is a Free Registration.

 3. The second step is to submit a Media Production Permit Application.

This Application information is essential to the granting of a media production permit and incomplete forms will not be processed.

The Application Fee is $179.00 and is payable at the time of Application submission through Paypal.

4. Upon Cultural Council approval, you will be notified of the details of your Permit including the Permit Fee and any special conditions that may apply to your particular production.

On arrival in Vanuatu you must visit the Cultural Centre to pay for your Permit BEFORE any Production can commence.

Archive Bond - under the Cultural Council rules and regulations, it is a condition of Approval that you agree to provide a copy of the finished production to the Cultural Centre for inclusion in the National Film and Audio Archive.

An Archive Bond of Vt 50,000 is required to be lodged in addition to the Permit Fee.

This Archive Bond is fully refundable.  
50% on receipt of a copy of all rushes / camera footage prior to the production crew leaving Vanuatu and the balance (50%) on receipt of the finished Production copy at the National Film and Audio Archive.